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Saturday, September 8, 2007

USA Nursing Agency

Most of Nurses lately imagined to go to USA for work as a reason that USA provided high Nurses salary, permanent residency, beautiful country with huge entertainment services most of places. It is reasonable if they imagined to go to USA. USA always welcome to all people around the world who want working in USA, certainly all applicant qualified and eligible according to USA State Regulation. The problem is how difficulty to get work permit nor green card as standard enter point to USA.

You will again problem if going to USA without help any Agency who preparing all accommodation and administration completely. You can not enter to USA without through any agency except you have relationships as a guarantor to you to make sure that you will be safe and covered your daily living cost.

You have to determine best decision before taking any action that will make problem to you later. Preparing everything such as money deposit, NCLEX certificate, IELTS certificate, TOEFL certificate, CGFNS certificate and other certificate which support you in USA, but if you are still worry about that there is Nursing Agency who have experienced long ago with Nurses recruitment to USA one of them is Iter Staff Inc. This is company who will bring your nursing career to become real in USA.

Inter Staff Inc, looking individual who have qualified and eligible for the position as a registered Nurses more than 500 Nurses position with the different field department. InterStaff is an international staffing provider for hospitals all over the USA State. It has an established office in Manila. They have successfully placed qualified RNs and Allied Health Professionals around the globe since 1999.
They offered as a following:
  • Green Card (immigrant) status that allows your immediate family to come, work and attend school in the USA
  • Competitive salaries with excellent benefits
  • FREE immigration processing fees (visa documentation, medical)
  • FREE NCLEX exam package
  • FREE comprehensive online NCLEX review
  • FREE English exam fees
  • FREE airfare to employment site
  • FREE English review or reimbursement
  • FREE one month housing upon arrival to USA
  • Deployment bonus
  • Reimbursement of exam fees
  • Must have at least 1-year experience in a 150+ bed hospital
  • Preferred consideration given to nurses with IELTS, CGFNS and/or NCLEX-RN exam
Must have experience in any of the following areas:
  • Critical Care, ICU, Cardiac ICU, Surgical ICU
  • General ICU, Medical ICU, Medical Surgical, Medical Ward, ER/Trauma
  • Cardiovascular Operating Room or Recovery Room devoted to Cardiovascular cases
  • All types of Critical Care Units
  • Hematology & Oncology
  • High Risk Labor and Delivery Room Nurses
If you are interest you can contact or visit to their official Web Site Here in

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Nurses job In Alabama Hospital

Are you job seeker and at that moment being look for nurses opportunities job in USA, here I have good information to you. University of South Alabama Medical Center is a regional referral center for south Alabama, southern Mississippi and the panhandle of Florida invited a Professional, Medical and Technical Positions and offering Nurses to join with their Health Care System, but you have to be eligible and experienced in each nursing field such as emergency, CCU, Dialysis, STICU, Critical care, Medical Surgical, Progressive care unit, Cath Lab, Occupational therapist, NICU, Labor & Delivery, Mother Baby, High risk Ob/GYN, Pediatrics, HROB.

Applicants are varieties including Nurse Practitioner, PRN, Registered Nurse so you can choose one of your nursing skill background as well as your experiences.

University of South Alabama Medical Center provide services and resources that enhance the health of the community and support the hospital's mission of health care, education and research with 406-bed acute care hospital offers many unique programs and services for adult patients. They have Medical Center for adult and USA Children's and Women's Hospital to services Pediatric and Adolescent patients.

If you are interest and eligible, please do online application to their Human Resources of University South Of Alabama

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nursing In USA

Have you imagine how working as a Nurse in USA? Did you think that you will work In USA for the next future? Are you eligible working there? How much the salary you will get In USA? Yeah, so many question droop up to your mind, I know, working as a Nurse In America is not easy so many competitor you will be fight with each other, when you want to go there, but don't worry, you are people strong so why not. You can do best and more better if you want just need effort to go there and prepare everything if you are truly want to go to USA.

USA is the last destination Nurses travel and work as nurse there, because the America Government very appreciate to the Nurses with giving more revenue and high income, not like ASIAN country, only few of them they giving good salary like Malaysia, Japan , Australia they have care to nurses payment salary, other ASIAN country such as Indonesia, Philippine, Korea, Hong Kong, China are salary is almost same around $100 -$300 that not enough for monthly living cost, so sometimes any Professional Nurse if they want to go to secondary necessary they come to take Loan for cover their secondary necessary like house, car, even motorcycles.

It is make many Asian Nurse travel to Middle East which consider giving salary more such as Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, UEA. USA is difference with Middle East Country which pay to Nurses according Hour Duty. In Middle East Nurses got salary and paid by monthly even you have more duty there is no allowance. In Middle East you only getting Monthly Salary rate $700 - $2000 every month. Not to bad but if you have chance why not skip to USA, because Nurses in USA will be paid according to hourly which hourly rate $30 - $45, so you will be working 48 hours in weeks, It's enough for you and to radeem all you must have more experiences and eligible to their requirement such as passing NCLEX, passing IELTS, CGFNS. I know it is not easy way, but if you want you can, just study hard your NCLEX, CGFNS, and taking IELTS course so it will be safe you to USA and you can enjoy your life there with much money and more benefits.

Try it, and getting success with many agencies who will healp you to bring your imagine to be real one.

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